Sudan’s NUP SG vows to fight against rapprochement with NCP

(Sudan Tribune) The secretary general of the opposition National Umma Party (NUP), Ibrahim al-Amin, has acknowledged the existence of differences among party members, saying some of them support engagement in dialogue with the government while others call for overthrowing the regime.   Al-Amin, who spoke at a press conference on Sunday, underscored that his party’s first option is to mobilize the street in order to overthrow the regime, saying Sudan has become a “failed state”.  He disclosed existence of two “schools” within the party, one of them sees the need for engaging in dialogue with the ruling National Congress Party (NCP), and the other which is comprised of youth and students strongly refuses dialogue and calls for toppling the regime and establishing a democratic alternative.  He stressed they are ready to “die” in order to stop rapprochement with the NCP, pointing to significant efforts made to hinder the work of the general secretariat.  There have been reports that the NUP head of politburo, Sara Nugdalla, would replace Al-Amin in his post.

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Ship brings U.S.-donated food to help Sudan’s displaced

(Al Arabyia) A ship loaded with U.S.-donated food that arrived in Sudan on Sunday will help to feed about 300,000 people uprooted by fighting this year in the Darfur region, the U.N. said.  The vessel delivered more than 47,000 tonnes of sorghum, a staple food in Sudan, donated by the United States Agency for International Development.  “It comes at a time when we need it,” Amor Almagro, of the U.N.’s World Food Programme (WFP), told AFP.  “The food will be used particularly in the conflict-affected region of Darfur, where WFP is assisting more than three million people, including some 300,000 displaced by fighting in recent months,” a WFP press release said.

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Chinese-African Nations Third Forum Next May

(Sudan Vision) National organizations network, SHUMUS, said preparations are in place for convening in Khartoum Chinese- African nation’s forum on 12th of coming May. The Mauritanian President who is chairing the AU, Ethiopian Prime Minister, former Nigeria’s and South Africa   Presidents, Obasanju and Mbeki and a delegation of Chinese leaders will attend. The forum which will be patronized by President Al Bashir with the participation of more than 35 African governments would be held under the slogan ”combating poverty through exchange of experiences between African and Chinese nations.” The Khartoum declaration is expected to be on the agenda of the Chinese- African summit scheduled for 2015.

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‘Corrupt’ Khartoum staff arrested; US dollar rises to 9.3 Sudanese Pounds

(Radio Dabanga) The Sudanese security service arrested eight of the Khartoum State Governor’s Office staff on Wednesday.  The staff members are arrested against the backdrop of accusations of exploiting power benefits to get land under fake names, and selling them for 420 million Sudanese pounds ($73,253,200), and other amounts, for their own advantage.  Meanwhile, the Sudanese pound has recorded an unprecedented decline against the US dollar, as the selling price of the dollar in Khartoum’s parallel market rose to 9.3 Sudanese pounds on Thursday. Accordingly, prices of consumer goods in the markets of Sudan’s capital increased, amid complaints of citizens.

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