Attak on Donky Bashim-North Darfur

On March 22,2014 the attack begins on Donkey Bashim from Sudan army and Arab militia known as RSF attacked the innocent civilians, they used all kinds of weapons ,including air force 300 pick-up trucks, equipped with machine guns ,some of attackers on horse ,and some on camels backs.
Donkey Bashim is a small town located in North Darfur is about 150 km from Al-Fasher .The population of the town is 2000 people.
The attackers came from 3 directions they immediately started shooting in discrimalaty at the civilian with out a warning.
More than 151 people were killed and more than 200 injured.They distorted all of the water pumps and burned everthing in the town including schools,clink.
The next day March 23,2014 the Sudan media service and radio Dabanga news confirmed the killing of 151 people died. this all came from the spoke out person of Sudan army and the militia leaders, both has been comfirmed.
The arab militia commanded by the notaries person the name was :
1) Mohammed Hamdan Hamtey
2) Hafiz Daowd
3) Al-Noor from Al Hashaba
4) Osama Al-Fedal
5) Abas Abdul Aziza
the aim of this militia is killing, looting, looting, steeling, and burning villages is the way or the tools of living.
genocide and ethnic cleansing is start again in Darfur again and we are saying never again. The strategy of Khartoum is destroy the fabric of darfurin people this is well plan to root out black African from their land and replace with new comer, (Arab form chad, Niger, and Mali) the indigenes people are living in this land for thousand years. Now this people are displace, this is a promise from the government to the Arab troops.
2000/3000 are cut off from food and water and complete displace. The situation is very bad need urgent help the condition on the ground is not handling
the Gov. of Sudan deny and refuse all the access to the UNIMID and red cross no one is allowed to enter the area to help the victim the poor children and women they are in epical need help.
Sudan GOV. must allowed the UNIMID and red cross teem to reach to the area to deliver food and water and save the injured people and bring them to hospitals, here are the some names of the people whom get killed
1- Abulrahman Shlby 32 years
2- Aldegal Abdulhameed 28 years
3- Alhady Omer Saleh 25 years
4- Suliman Bashr 70 years
5- Basher Hary 68 years
6- Ahmed Abdullah Defallah 45 years
7- Ibrahim Adam Hamed 60 years
8- Husan Juma 6 years
9- Adam Isahag 66 years
10-Haroun Isahag 63 years
11-Sabel Ali 40 years
12- Jamal Daawod 35 yeard
13-Dector Mohammed Shane 42 years
14- Yaser Mohammed 40 years
15- Ibrahim Ali Adam 48
16-Hemty Adam 70
17- Idress bashr 71
18- Adam Altom Sabel 35
one year old daughter of Adam Saber Ali she got killed by bombing her mom seriously injured
the missing people are
1- Musa Hary Adam
2- Mina Mousa
3-Esamel Osman
4- Adam Omer Hamed
5- Dely Ameen
6- Ibrahim Mohamadan
there are more than 50 people are missing too including Student, teacher, women, and children
the injured people
MOSTFA DOODAN ( in Khartoum Hospital) 9 YEARS OLD
there are more injured people in Elfasher and Malit and other places

the burning villages are
hela Bashr
wady Amar-jaded
hela Mindy Omer
hela Awlad Khames
hela Diby
om Seder
om sherana
Hela Arko
Om baooda
Om ketra
there are more than 15 villages burned down.
thanks hamza

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