Sudanese rebels seek to transform SRF alliance into one party

(Sudan Tribune) The forces of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) are working to unify themselves to and to transform their alliance into a political party, the alliance’s deputy leader said on Sunday.  Speaking in a meeting with the Sudanese community in Paris, the SRF deputy chairman for external relations Gibril Ibrahim said their European tour achieved its diplomatic objective as they were seeking to show their unity and the SRF’s credibility to rule the country .  Yasir Arman, SRF secretary for external relations, said the alliance agreed in the new structures they are preparing to allocate 10% of the seats to the independent elements who do not belong to any existing political force.  The SRF delegation will travel on Monday to Geneva where they plan to meet with the officials in the Switzerland’s foreign ministry, parliamentarians and civil society groups.

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UN, African Union condemn latest attack on Darfur peacekeepers

[UNAMID troops in East Darfur. Photo: UNAMID/Albert González Farran]

(UN News Centre) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the head of the joint African Union-United Nations mission in Darfur have condemned an attack on Sunday in which one Rwandan peacekeeper was killed, and called on the Government of Sudan to bring the perpetrators to justice. The peacekeeper was shot when the convoy belonging to the mission (UNAMID) came under attack by unidentified armed assailants on the road from Kabkabiya to Saraf Umra in North Darfur. He later succumbed to his injuries in the mission’s hospital in Kabkabiya. One of the UNAMID vehicles was hijacked by the attackers.   The latest death brings to 14 the number of UNAMID peacekeepers killed this year. It follows an attack last month in West Darfur that left three Senegalese peacekeepers dead. Mr. Chambas, who is the head of UNAMID, called on the Sudanese Government to act “decisively and quickly” in bringing those responsible to justice.

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No Tuition Fees Exemption for Darfur Students in SennarUniversity

(Radio Dabanaga)  The new Darfur students at El Suki Faculty of Natural Resources of the University of Sennar complain about the Faculty’s administration’s refusal to exempt them from tuition fees.  Darfuri students, being displaced, are exempted from registration and tuition fees according to the Abuja and Doha peace agreements. “The other SennarUniversity faculties have registered new Darfur students after they paid the registration fees, though this registration is temporary until the matter is handled with the ministry”.  Abdallah explained that the Darfur students are unable to pay the tuition fees ranging between SDG400-500 ($70-87) and demanded the Darfur Regional Authority to urgently intervene and resolve the problem of the Darfuri students’ registration.

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