JEM deplores use of lethal weapons against peaceful demonstrators in Sudan

The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

JEM deplores use of lethal weapons against peaceful demonstrators in Sudan

It is clear that Albashir’s government is deploying its lethal arsenal for massacring and maiming unarmed demonstrators in the current peaceful uprising against the system. The government is using artillery and machine guns in quelling the uprising with horrific death of several hundreds and injury of many thousands across the country. Khartoum’s security forces are now torturing thousands of detainees in every city in the country.

1. JEM deplores the use of lethal arms, militias and killing gangs against peaceful demonstrators, protesting in a legitimately constitutional manner.

2. JEM affirms it has no military presence among the demonstrators and who know very well it is the government that is intent on killing them. Albashir himself has affirmed that in his threatening advice to the demonstrators to “bring their own shrouds along if they want to protest”. That was also how Albashir launched his Darfur genocide earlier in Al_Fashir, declaring, “he wanted no injured captives or a prisoners of war”. His statement was later echoed by his war crime fellow, Ahmed Haroun who lashed his troops against innocent civilians saying: “Sweep them, sweep them and eat them alive”.

3. JEM appeals to the international community for urgent intervention and equally appeals to relevant institution to embark on speedy investigation of the new crimes of the Sudanese authority.

4. JEM affirms that those who massacre innocent demonstrators will never escape the hands of justice and will certainly be made to pay for their heinous crimes.

5. JEM invites all Sudanese people to join he uprising against the brutal dictatorship of Al Bashir and continue the peaceful protest up to the end of the regime.



Gibriel Adam Bilal

Spokesperson, JEM


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