How Can the International Community Reward a Genocidal Regime with Debt Relief?

We regret the African Union Peace and Security Council recommendation regarding debt relief that was included in the September 23, 2013 Communique by the AUPSC in advance of New York meetings.  Lifting the sanctions has nothing to do with the normalization between the two Sudans.  General Bashir should be held accountable for genocide and war crimes.  He continues to commit crimes against the Sudanese people.  Only in the last 2 weeks and in the major cities of Sudan, including Khartoum, security forces have massacred, with live bullets, more than 139 innocent civilians who were participating in peaceful demonstrations.  Hundreds are injured.  The Sudan airforce is continuing to kill and harass civilian populations in the new south of the Sudan Republic from Darfur, Nuba Mountains to Blue Nile.  Hundreds of activists are being unlawfully detained.  Cracking down on the media is continuing.  Above all, Bashir is denying humanitarian access, which is a war crime in the international humanitarian law.  UN Security Council resolutions are not implemented.  The European Union and US Congress are putting sanctions on General Bashir.  Does all of this not matter?  Relieving debt on Khartoum is giving a life jacket to the National Congress to commit more crimes and genocide.  Ending the war and democratic transformation are key for any debt relief.  Bashir is using more than 70% of the national budget for war and less than 2% for education and health.  That cannot make Sudan a viable state.  Sudan is a failed state that we need to fix.  How can the international community, and in particular the African Union Peace and Security Council, reward a genocidal regime with debt relief?  We call upon African civil societies, democratic African forces, Pan-Africans all over the world and the friends of the Sudanese people everywhere to stand by the people of Sudan and their struggle for a just peace and democracy.

Yasir Arman
Secretary General, SPLM-N
Secretary of External Affairs, SRF
September 26, 2013

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