Sudanese Opposition Plans a Peaceful Civil Movement to Topple the Islamist Regime

Sudanese Opposition Plans a Peaceful Civil Movement
to Topple the Islamist Regime
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On Sunday June 30, the Sudanese campaign for the overthrow of the regime (Sudan’s opposition movement) in New York, Diaspora  and at home call for mass protests to topple the Islamist regime of General Omar al-Bashir. and to urge the United Nations Security Council and the other members of the international community to take action to avert the current human rights violations in Sudan.
The Sudanese campaign for the overthrow of the regime is organized by Sudanese in diaspora and endorsed by the National Consensus Forces (NCF), an umbrella of opposition parties and other civil society organizations, together with the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) which includes opposition parties and all armed groups battling the regimes for the last decade. The movement aims to create the possibility of the overthrow of the regime and the establishment of a democratic system in its place.  
The Sunday mass protest, in remembrance of the 24th anniversary of the fateful Islamist coup,   aims at turning the Sudan and certain places in diaspora into gathering places for a protest movement. This includes holding demonstrations outside Sudanese embassies worldwide and holding rallies and street protests in the Sudan and different parts of the world.
The Islamist regime of General Omar al-Bashir has brought the Sudan to the brink of an abyss. Over the last quarter of a century, al-Bashir’s totalitarian rule, through its brazen brutality, has turned the entire country and its population into a breeding ground of different forms of violence.  Millions of Sudanese citizens were subjected to torture, displacement, and death; civilians are being subjected to untold sufferings and death, too. The Darfur region in particular has been plagued by a host of epidemic diseases. Pro-government militias and units of the Chadian army are wreaking havoc under the watch of the Sudanese army. In Southern Kordofan, the government’s indiscriminate air strikes and disruption of food and medical supplies continue to claim a high toll of casualties among non-combatants.  Al-Bashir was the first sitting head of state to be indicted by the International Criminal Court, accused of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes in Darfur in particular. Not only that, but the Islamists in the Sudan enacted violent policies in the South that widened the gap between the two parts of the country and forced secession of the South.
The Sudanese are looking forward to compel al-Bashir to step down and to liberate themselves from tyranny and totalitarianism. 
Where: at the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 47th Street and 1ST  Avenue, New York, NY
When: Sunday, June 30TH, 2013, from 02:00 to 04:00 p.m.[/SIZE

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