Fuel Price Rise May Impact On Commodity Prices in Sudan

(Sudan Tribune) The Sudan Parliament has given the green light to the Executive Authority to increase fuel prices, the knock-on effect of which may be a new rise in commodity prices.  A source has revealed that Parliament has agreed to increase the price of petrol and diesel; indicating that the decision would be implemented within the next few days. Petrol will be increased first, followed by diesel.  Khartoum and other cities in Sudan saw demonstrations and protests by students and youth during June and July last year, in protest against the government’s decision to subsidies on a number of basic commodities.  During a meeting with National Congress Party women, Vice President Haj Adam Youssef reportedly said that the increase in fuel prices was necessitated by “the need to meet the country’s failure to find new alternatives to solve the economic crisis”.

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New Sudanese Joint Chiefs of Staff take over

(Sudanese Radio) The new Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Sudanese Armed Forces took over today Tuesday. The ceremony was attended by the President of the Republic the High Commander of the Armed Forces Omer Albashir, minister of the Presidency Affairs Bakri Hassan Salih, minister of defense AbdulRaheem Mohammed Hussien, and senior army and police members. The procedures of handing over were signed by the ex-chief of staff let.General Ismat AbdulRahman and the newly appointed joint chief of staff let.General Mustafa Osman Obied.

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Iran secretly building in Port Sudan military supply base for Syria, Hizballah

(Debkafile) A logistics base for handling tanks, missile systems, self-propelled artillery and other heavy weaponry bound for Syria and Hizballah is secretly under construction in a section of Port Sudan which Omar al Bashir has leased to Tehran, debkafile reports exclusively from its military sources.  Iranian Revolutionary Guards engineers in civilian dress are overseeing the hundreds of Sudanese workmen laboring flat out to build Iran’s second Red Sea base after Assab in southern Eritrea.  Still, Western intelligence sources watching the work are certain that the new Iranian facility is a military port in every sense of the word.

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Detention of Sudan Former Spy Chief Extended

(Sudan Tribune, All Africa) The judge of Khartoum’s Central criminal court Osama Ahmed Abdalla, has decided to renew the detention of the former head of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), Salah Gosh for two more weeks pending a decision on the appeal submitted by his defense team to the justice minister.  After more than six months in detention, the ex-spy chief and his associate Major General Salah Ahmed Abdalla were formally charged this month with undermining the constitutional order, inciting violence to topple the legitimate government and breaching the anti-terrorism law.  Under Sudan’s penal code these charges carry the death penalty or life imprisonment.

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Parliament discuss the Renaissance Dam Project

(SUNA) The Minister of Water Resources and Electricity, Usama Abdalla, briefed the National Assembly in a closed-door sitting, chaired by the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, on the Renaissance Dam project.  The minister has provided a detailed statement on the Renaissance Dam project, its components, the volume of its waters and level of coordination between the three states of Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia.  He reviewed the technical and engineering designs of the dam, asserting that the Ethiopian dams established on the Blue Nile have great benefits for the Sudan and increasing to the electricity generated from the existing dams.

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Sudan MP calls for banning females from sportsfacebook

(Sudan Tribune) The Sudanese MP, Dafa’a Allah Hasab Al-Rasool, has submitted a motion to a parliamentary subcommittee to ban women’s sport in Sudan, saying that it is against Shari’a (Islamic Law).  But the parliamentary subcommittee which issued a report in response to the Youth and Sports’ minister testimony before the national assembly declined to include his motion in its report.The committee’s report called upon the Youth and Sports ministry to commit itself to the Islamic guidelines on women’s sport as provided by the Islamic Fiqh (jurisprudence) Academy.  Dafa’a Allah who is dubbed in the local media as the “controversial” MP, is known for his support for female circumcision.   Last month, he demanded the parliament to adopt a motion calling for polygamy, saying that it is the only way to produce more males in the society to support the army and defend the country against the rebel groups.

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