SRF Tactical Withdrawal from Abu Karshula

The SRF Forces, after they completed their first phase of their operation – Plan A, they decided on a tactical withdrawal from Abu Karshula sector in preparation for executing Plan B.  The reasoned response of the SRF joint forces to the government’s dry season offensive has proven that the SRF is a solid force on the ground to reckon with and that the days of Khartoum imposing its will, a will of leaders who are committing war crimes for nearly a quarter of a century, is over.  The political and armed struggles are entering a new phase, and the SRF is extending its message to all sectors of Sudanese society to work together for democratization and to build a new state based on equal citizenship and rule of law.  The reasoned response of the SRF to the government forces has shown that the government forces are off balance and that the army is not interested in fighting for the National Congress, they are experiencing war fatigue and they are equally looking for a change.  The SRF always prefers a peaceful transformation that will bring about a change and a paradigm shift towards equal citizenship and ending discrimination, but we have not found a counterpart who is ready to go through this task.  The SRF would like to state the following:

1.       The declaration yesterday by General Bashir that he is not going to negotiate and that he is going to continue to fight and annihilate the SRF is a genocidal statement whose price has always been paid by the civilian population during the long dictatorship of Bashir.  Moreover he has threatened the Republic of South Sudan and that proves again that General Bashir is not for a peaceful settlement within Sudan and neither for peaceful co-existence with South Sudan.  This needs to be noted seriously.

2.       The government propaganda machine is crying wolf and accusing the SRF of committing human rights violations at the time when they know very well that the soul of this government is based on committing human rights violations and war crimes.  Regardless of what they are saying, the SRF leadership is asking for an international committee to investigate human rights violations by both sides in Southern and Northern Kordofan.  Whoever is found committing crimes and war crimes should be held responsible and accountable.  We know very well what the government did to the civilian population and there are many eye witnesses who saw the destruction of Om Ruwaba, its power station and other vital infrastructure by the Sudan air force, which are war crimes and include many other crimes committed against civilian populations.

3.       Lastly, we would like to express the deep concern of the SRF towards the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Darfur, Northern Kordofan, Nuba Mountains/Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile.  The SRF is ready to cooperate with the international humanitarian agencies to address this situation and to go for a cessation of hostilities if need be and this was resolved in the last SRF leadership meeting which took place from the 23rd to the 27th of May.

Yasir Arman
SRF Secretary for External Affairs
May 28, 2013

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