Deby’s New Mercenary Gamble in Sudan

The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

Deby’s New Mercenary Gamble in Sudan

By Abdullahi Osman El-Tom

 In a new twist in African mercenary activities, President Deby of Chad has just sent his troops to bail out genocidaire Al-Bahsir against his own people in Sudan.  Deby, almost certain to be the next African president to go to the ICC, has turned attention to get his share of Sudan’s remaining oil money.  Deby is not new to African mercenary acts. In fact, having re-elected himself in an “African style democratic contest” he has been behaving like a mafia boss than an African president.   In the past, Deby featured in mercenary works in Central Africa, Gabon, Sudan, Libya and Mali.  This time he is stretching the last possible lifejacket to his fellow dictator and genocidaire in Sudan, Al-Bashir.


On May 12th, a contingent of Chadian army mounted on 165 military vehicles entered Sudan, at the border town of Tina.  The force spent three days inside Sudan near Tina and then progressed deep into Darfur passing through Donkey Al-Hosh and then Umsidra and Kerkera 28 kilometres from Al-Fashir.  Chadian and Sudanese air forces bombarded the route a head of the army to ensure softening of local civilians all along the way.


Today, Wednesday, May 22nd, the Chadian forces appeared very much rested in Al-Fashir city. They roamed the city and were clearly distinguished by their Chadian accent.   Some citizens could not hide their outrage about presence of a Chadian force in their city but others were amused and delighted about the pathetic state of Al-Bashir’s regime and its apparent inability to defend itself.


Alrakuba Website reported today (May 22nd) that Al-Bashir requested Egypt and Chad to help him against an Israel-backed foreign invasion of Sudan, a childish story believed only by the silliest of all like Deby.  Commendably, President Mursi of Egypt declined the request, telling Al-Bashir to negotiate with his own Sudanese people and relinquish power if necessary.  But Deby saw another opportunity for money but he also thought he would not survive without Al-Bashir in power.  In Al-Fashir, the commander of Chadian force found the Sudanese army demoralised and unwilling to fight.  As he told Deby, a senior Sudanese army officer threatened to join the resistance army if he was forced to fight them.  Nonetheless, the Chadian commander requested more troops from Chad to compensate for lack of support from the Sudanese army.  


    With around 150 vehicles, the Chadian army is gearing to move to the battlefield in Abu Karshola of Kordofan.  They will travel through a hostile territory, for no Sudanese wants to see foreign troops coming to keep their hated dictator in power.


 As for Deby, his gamble in Sudan will signal the end of his rule.  Al-Bashir will not survive -with his help or without- but neither will he. 


Abdullahi El-Tom is head of Office of Strategic Planning of JEM. He can be contacted at:


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