Arman Says Bashir’s Statements Demonstrate His Determination to Kill Civilians

(All Africa) – SPLM-N secretary general Yasir Arman denounced Bashir remarks where he announced the suspension of talks with the rebel Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) and termed it as a “genocidal statement”. “The declaration yesterday( Monday) by General Bashir that he is not going to negotiate and that he is going to continue to fight and annihilate the SRF is a genocidal statement whose price has always been paid by the civilian population during the long dictatorship of Bashir”, Arman said in a statement extended to Sudan Tribune. Arman further called to form an international committee to investigate human rights violations by both sides in Southern and Northern Kordofan.
“Whoever is found committing crimes and war crimes should be held responsible and accountable”, he challenged. SRF rebels were accused by the government of committing war crimes and violating human rights during their recent attacks in South Kordofan particularly in Abu Kershola. They are also accused of destroying a power station in Um Ruwaba, North Kordfoan. But Arman refuted the attack on the power station saying it was bombed by the Sudanese warplanes. The rebel leader also commented on Bashir’s statement where he warned Juba that his government would stop the oil flow though the Sudanese pipeline if they continue their alleged support to the rebel groups.
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Sudan downplays negative impact of Ethiopian dam project

(Sudan Tribune) – The Sudanese government has declared that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) doesn’t impose a threat to Sudan, disclosing existence of consultations and understandings among Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt on the project. Sudan’s foreign ministry denied statements attributed to the Sudanese ambassador in Cairo Kamal Hassan Ali in which he expressed Sudan’s refusal for the construction of the dam. The foreign ministry spokesperson, Abu Bakr Al-Siddig, said on Wednesday that Sudan’s ambassador to Cairo didn’t describe the Ethiopian move to change the course of the river Nile as “shocking”, denying reports that Sudan and Egypt would resort to the Arab League.
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South Sudan expects first oil to arrive in Port Sudan in mid-June
(Reuters) – South Sudan expects its first oil to arrive in Sudan’s export port in mid-June as both countries are continuing to implement oil and trade deals despite Khartoum’s renewed accusations over rebel support, Juba’s ambassador to Sudan said. The neighbours, which fought one of Africa’s longest civil wars, agreed in March to resume cross-border oil flows and end tensions plaguing them since the south seceded in 2011. South Sudan has started since then to pipe oil to two treatment plants in Sudan to be readied for exports, the first time since the landlocked new nation shut down its production of 350,000 barrels a day in January 2012 in a row over export fees. On Monday, Sudan’s President Omar Hassan Al Bashir threatened to close the export pipelines if South Sudan supported insurgents operating on Sudanese soil, claims long denied by Juba.
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US dollar slightly loses ground to Sudanese pound on black market
(Sudan Tribune) – The price of the US dollar has witnessed a slight decrease in the black market on Wednesday, settling at 6.9 pound SDG, while the price of the euro was 8.3 pound SDG, and the Saudi riyal fell to 1.7 pound SDG. Traders in the black market in Khartoum said that the price of the dollar declined following Sudan’s army recapture of Abu-Kershola town in South Kordofan. Last week the dollar price amounted to 7.3 pounds SDG. A trader told Sudan Tribune “We learned that the central bank has pumped dollars into commercial banks, boosting hopes for stabilizing value of the Sudanese pound”. He stressed that the dollar continues to decline against Sudanese pound in spite of the statements made by president Omer Al-Bashir in which he threatened to shut down the pipeline.
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Four dead, two wounded as militia fires on police station in South Darfur
(Radio Dabanga) – Four policemen have been killed and two other people, including a woman, are reported to have been wounded on Tuesday afternoon when uniformed pro-government militiamen opened fire on them at the Abu Odaam police in Bielel locality, South Darfur. Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that militiamen driving Land Cruisers invaded the police station. “As the militiamen were wearing military uniforms, the five policemen who were on duty at the time thought that they were members of the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF),” a witness said. “That is why they put up no resistance, nor were they prepared to defend the station.” Sources say that as the militiamen arrived at the station, they subjected the policemen to heavy fire, killing four. A woman who lives in the village was also injured in the crossfire. The bodies of the dead policemen have been transferred to Bielel where they will be buried on Wednesday.
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Misseriya torch Salamat neighbourhood in Umm Dukhun, Central Darfur
(Radio Dabanga) – Misseriya militiamen have reportedly set many houses belonging to the Salamat tribe on fire in a neighbourhood east of the city. Witnesses told Radio Dabanga on Wednesday that the men began torching the houses at 1:00pm. “You could see columns of flame and smoke rising from homes” they said. The witnesses said that the houses that burned belong to members of the Salamat tribe, who left the area when clashes first erupted on 4 April. The sources also alleged that the men prevented civilians from fleeing to Chad. Violent clashes have left dozens dead and wounded on both sides in the area over the past month. As reported previously by Radio Dabanga, it is reliably estimated that more than 40 percent of the population of Umm Dukhun town and surrounding villages in Central Darfur have fled to Chad to escape the hostilities. Civilians from nearby Foro Burunga appealed to the warring Salamat and Misseriya, as well as the Gimr and Beni Halba tribes who have been clashing in fighting in South Darfur, “to listen to the voice of reason and to stop spilling the blood of the innocent”.
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