Sudanese rebel strike sparks fear and anger

(AFP) Fear and anger on Sunday followed a Sudanese rebel strike on a major town residents said had been left unguarded and was hit during coordinated attacks in the insurgents’ most audacious act in years.  In Umm Rawaba, a previously peaceful community of thousands which bore the brunt of Saturday’s attack, residents said about 300 youths stoned a convoy carrying North Kordofan state governor Murghani Hussein Zaki-Adeen, and federal Electricity Minister Osama Abdullah Mohammed.  Residents complained that the town, the second largest in North Kordofan, had been left undefended when insurgents briefly occupied it on Saturday.  The death toll was unclear but included some policemen, according to residents and officials.  Rebels said eight of their number died during the operation, four in battle and four in accidents.  A rebel coalition, the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), said it attacked Umm Rawaba and several other areas as part of its strategy to reach Khartoum and overthrow the 24-year regime of President Omar al-Bashir.  Umm Rawaba is about 100 kilometres (60 miles) east of the state capital El Obeid, which is home to an air force base and on Sunday was tense with armoured vehicles deployed and soldiers in the streets, a resident said.
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Sudanese MP calls for the resignation of the defense minister

(Sudan Tribune) The Sudanese defense minister Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein should immediately tender his resignation in the wake of the rebels’ brief occupation of Umm Rawaba in North Kordofan state this weekend, a Sudanese lawmaker said today.  MP Mohamed Ahmed Al-Zein Hamid asserted that the minister’s ouster is necessary because despite the availability of information on the attack the army’s response was lacking. He went on to say that issues of national security are being dealt with naively.  Many are questioning president Omer Hassan al-Bashir’s insistence to keep Hussein despite his poor performance.  It was reported that Bashir swiftly rejected calls that he sack Hussein telling members of his party that it is a “red line”.

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Deadly air strike ‘hits area south of Nyala’, South Darfur

(Radio Dabanga) An unknown number of people was killed and several injured on Sunday in the area of Umm Gunja and Allah Kareem, south of Nyala in South Darfur. It was reported that the village of Allah Kareem was burned down completely and scores of livestock were killed after government forces carried out an air strike and a ground offensive.  Several witnesses informed Radio Dabanga that an Antonov and two MiG warplanes bombed the areas of Umm Gunja and Allah Kareem on Sunday afternoon. The witnesses claimed that the Antonov dropped more than 20 bombs which was followed by heavy artillery shelling and a ground offensive carried out by pro-government militias.  Sources reported that thousands of children and elderly are facing extremely difficult circumstances and called on international aid organizations and humanitarian organizations to intervene immediately and stop the air strikes and provide aid to those affected.

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Senior Egyptian military official in Sudan to discuss border issues

(Sudan Tribune) Egypt’s military Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Sedki Sobhi arrived in Khartoum on Sunday for talks with Sudanese officials that will focus on controlling the borders.  Sobhi was met by his Sudanese counterpart Colonel General Esmat Abdel-Rahman who told reporters after a joint meeting that they discussed military cooperation in training, securing the borders and production projects.  He said that talks will continue between the technical teams to review training and military cooperation between the two countries.  But a military source speaking to Cairo-based al-Masry al-Youm said that Sobhi will convey a message from Defense Minister General Abdel Fattah al-Sissi emphasizing that Egypt will not forfeit “one inch” of the disputed border region of Halayeb and Shalateen.
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Dr. Al-Khider Sets up facts finding-committee on Um-Dom Incidents

(SUNA) The Wali (governor) of KhartoumState, Chairman of the State’s Security Committee, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Khider decreed, Sunday, setting up of fact-finding committee chaired by the Commissioner at the KhartoumState, General, Abdul Kareem Abdulla to investigate into Um-Dom incidents .  Dr. Al-Khider has affirmed that the decision was preceded by a number of security and administrative reports on the incidents.

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