Election Commission Announces Winning of Al-Daw Al-Mahi as Wali of GedarifState

(SUNA) The National Elections Commission Monday announced that Al-Daw Mohamed Al-Mahi of the National Congress has won the position of the Wali (governor) of GedarifState in the complementary elections for the position. The result of the elections are: Al-Daw Mohamed Al-Mahi, the National Congress, won 110954 votes, Hassan Al-Nour Attiya, independent, won 2842 votes,  Amal Mohamed Idris, Democratic Forum of East Sudan, won 2556 votes, Yousif Ismail Abdalla Al-Zubair, independent, won 1049 votes, Tajal-Sir Al-Qasim Ahmed Gurashi, independent, won 1398 votes.
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JEM denies involvement in Yida clashes

(Sudan Tribune) The rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) distanced itself from armed men who clashed this weekend with South Sudanese police in Yida camp for refugees located in Unity state’s Parieng county.  Radio Tamzuj reported that one policeman and two children were killed in clashes between South Sudanese police and JEM members led by Nimeiri Teiya in Yida camp, which is located near the South Kordofan border on Saturday.  JEM spokesperson Gibreel Adam Bilal dismissed claims his group had been involved in the incident and called on those responsible for the attack to be punished, further underlining JEM’s commitment to international humanitarian law on refugees.  Khartoum accuses Juba of harboring JEM rebels, with Sudanese authorities pointing to a recent report prepared by UN experts on Darfur who said that the rebel group had different bases in South Sudan, including one in Unity with over 800 fighters.

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4,000 flee villages burnt by aerial bombings in S Darfur

Some 4,000 people in South Darfur were displaced after having their villages “burnt by aerial bombings by the Sudanese air force” during last week’s battles, sources claim.  Rebels (SLA-MM) and army (SAF) both reported clashes Thursday and Friday south of Nyala, making competing claims to the number of casualties, with the army spokesman saying 100 rebels were killed in two battles and SLA-MM saying 170 soldiers and 90 militia were killed.  Eight villages appear to have been burned by the shelling, and civilians are living in appalling conditions “under trees, without food, shelter or blankets in dire need of emergency relief items”.
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Health Ministry Concerned over Migration of Doctors

(Sudan Vision) Sudanese Ministry of Health expressed concern over the migration of health workers to the Arab countries, especially after statistics showed that three thousand doctors migrate annually.  About 94,230 Sudanese have migrated from the country in 2012, compared to 10032 in 2008.  The number of immigrants from doctors reached about 5028 during the recent period, while the number of immigrants from education professions has reached about 1002 teachers during the past year.  The Minister of Health, Bahr Idris Abu Garda indicated at a briefing that following his participation in the meeting of Arab health ministers, which was held in Cairo, the intention of the Ministry to hold a special seminar to discuss and address the issue of migration of health workers.
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Sudan Nomads Return Cattle Rustled in South Sudan

(VOA) Sudanese nomads have returned scores of cattle raided from pastoralists in South Sudan in what officials say is a first by the Sudanese Misseriya since the two sides signed agreements in June last year.  The Misseriya returned 140 head of cattle taken in a raid in MayomCounty last month, officials said.  The Misseriya are suspected of being behind two separate cattle raids last month in Unity state, in which several hundred head of cattle were stolen and three people were killed.  It was a first for the Sudanese nomads. In January, the Nuer returned cattle taken from the Misseriya.  Scores of South Sudanese have been killed in cattle raids so far this year, including more than 100 in a raid in Jonglei state in January.

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Conference of Voluntary Repatriation to be Held in Nyala

(SUNA) The Conference of Voluntary Repatriation is due to be held in Nyala, the capital of SouthDarfurState, during March 25 – 26.  The Commissioner of Voluntary Repatriation at Darfur Regional Authority, Azhari Shatta, said in a statement to SUNA that arrangement for holding the conference were completed, adding that the conference will be held under auspices of the Vice – President of the Republic, Dr. Al-Haj Adam Yousif.

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