Darfur tribal clashes: ‘63 families’ arrive in displaced camp

(Radio Dabanga) Sixty-three families from regions affected by the new wave of tribal clashes in North Darfur have recently arrived in campHamidiya near Zalingei, in Central Darfur. They come mostly from Umm Jurua, Bela Frash, Kala and Birka Saira, according to a camps coordinator.  Speaking to Radio Dabanga the coordinator noted that UN OCHA representatives visited the camp on Sunday and assessed the conditions of the newly displaced, which he described as “very bad”.  As it appears, these families left all of their possessions behind and are enduring the hot sun without any shelter or other services.  The coordinator asked the agencies represented by UNAMID to speed-up assistance to the displaced and to provide them shelter, water, medicines and health services.

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Darfur tribal fights take 500 lives

(News 24) More than 500 members of an Arab tribe in Sudan’s war-ravaged Darfur region have been killed and almost 900 wounded in seven weeks of clashes, an MP representing the district said on Monday.   The toll is far higher than figures previously given for the fighting between the Rezeigat tribe and rival Arabs from the Beni Hussein group in the Jebel Amir gold mining area of North Darfur.  Ali Al-Za’tari, the UN’s resident and humanitarian coordinator in Sudan, expressed “profound concern about the safety and well-being of civilians in El Sireaf town”, where most of the displaced sought shelter since January.

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Sudan-Egypt relations hits speed bump over Four Freedoms accord

(Sudan Tribune) The Sudanese government on Sunday expressed unhappiness with the reluctance of Egypt to implement the Four Freedoms agreement signed in 2004 despite a revolution that brought a new government to power.  The head of Egyptian affairs at the Sudanese foreign ministry Esam Awad said in press statements that Egypt remains unwilling to allow Sudanese males between the ages of 18-49 to benefit from the agreement.  Furthermore, Egypt wants its citizens to have freehold ownership rights which Awad says contradicts the lease law in Sudan.  The Four Freedom Agreement guarantees to citizens from the two countries freedom of movement and residence, right to work and property.  The two countries agreed to overcome a disagreement in the crossings agreement by replacing the “international borders” clause with the “latitude line 22 ” as Sudan saw it as inferring Egypt ownership of Halayeb triangle.

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Sudan, Turkey Consultation Committee to Meet in Ankara

(Sudan Vision) The Political Consultation Committee between Sudan and Turkey, headed by the undersecretaries of the ministries of foreign affairs in the two countries, is to hold a meeting in Ankara tomorrow Wednesday to discuss a range of issues of mutual concern in the political, economic and diplomatic fields.  Spokesperson of the ministry of foreign affairs Al-Obeid Murawah said relations between Sudan and Turkey have witnessed steady growth in all aspects, affirming the interest of the leaders of the two countries to further bolster relations between the two countries.  Regarding economic relations, Murawah said Sudan received many Turkish companies over the past period operating in the field of infrastructure, constructions, food processing, mining, roads and bridges.

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Kenyan ambassador to Sudan denies calling Bashir judge “incompetent”

(Sudan Tribune) The outgoing Kenyan ambassador to Sudan Robert Ngesu has distanced himself from remarks attributed to him by a pro government newspaper last week in which he said that president Omar Hassan Al-Bashir is welcome to visit his country “at any time”.  According to the Khartoum-based Arabic newspaper al-Rayaam, Ngesu reaffirmed his government’s solidarity with the Sudanese leader, who is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC).  However, in a letter sent to Sudan Tribune, Ngesu said he never gave an interview to al-Rayaam.   Ngesu vehemently denied making comments to that effect, saying “at no time did I utter the words out of ‘incompetence and involvement in non-legal affairs’”.  The issue sparked a diplomatic row between the two countries, with Bashir expelling the Kenyan envoy at the time and threatening Nairobi with sanctions unless the decision was reversed.

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Sudan Imprisons ThreeChurch Officials in Khartoum

(Christian Post) A mixed force of Sudanese police officials have imprisoned three church leaders in Sudan; Mamedan Elia, Abdullah Said Balu and Stephen, who were serving in the “New Life Service” in Gideon College in Omdurman’s Banet, in Khartoum.  The force resumed its campaign to imprison those who are part of Khartoum’s Christian mission.    It is unknown where the clergymen were taken.  According to “Ketabak” news site, a church official attributed the imprisonment to the hostile approach towards Christians in Sudan, especially the Christians in the NubbaMountains region.  Activists in Khartoum warned of the forced kidnapping and intimidation exercised by the Sudanese security authorities against the Christians.  Christians in Sudan face a hostile campaign from extremist Islamists, while the government authorities have been criticized for allegedly being sympathetic with such a campaign.

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