Khartoum Air Force Bombarded the villages in the Nuba Mountains

October 21st, 2012

Khartoum Air Force Bombarded the villages in the Nuba Mountains

For more than a month now, the Khartoum regime Air Forces have conducted a  number of concerted indiscriminate aerial raids against a number of innocents civilians villages in the Nuba Mountains / South Kordofan State that have resulted in the death and injury of many in addition to the destruction of farms and death of livestock. Between October 18th and 21st of this month, the villages of El-Labu, Tablu, Elhibeel, El-Atmour and Umserdiba in the locality of Umdurain and the town of El-Buram, were under extensive aerial bombardments where more than 20 bombs hit primarily the civilians’ farms and livestock. In Tablu village the aerial raid on the 18th of this month resulted in the injury of three kids from one family and their names and age as follows; 1- Yasir Khamis Tayar, 7 years 2- Maysoun Khamis Tayar 3 years 3- Mayzoul khamis Tayar 3 years.

The SPLM-N-A of the SRF reiterates its determination and commitment to defend the civilians of the area and itself and will use all possible offensive scenarios against the NCP forces and militias wherever they are. The Struggle Continues.

Arnu N. Loddi

The Official Spokesperson

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