Khartoum Regime use citizens as human shields in Kadugli

Office of the Official Spokesperson
October 23, 2012

Khartoum Regime use citizens as human shields in Kadugli
continued air strikes and artillery shelling  by the Khartoum regime, which targeted unarmed citizens in the SPLM-N controlled areas , which we referred to in our previous statements , today 23/10/2012 SPLA-N of SRF Forces has responded by shelling NCP military and militias positions within Kadugli city and attacked military camps in Um-sharan and Allhimr southeast of Kadugli and destroyed military camp in Alirri West in Talodi county ,SPLA-N will continue to target NCP military and militias camps and defenses wherever found
In this security situation of exchange fire between SPLA-N  and NCP forces and militias within the city of Kadugli, the state government starting from the Governor Ahmed Haroun and Kadugli commissioner and the various security organs have prevented civilians from moving to hide and take cover in safer areas, it is deliberate act from the National Congress in using citizens as human shields and endangering their lives and it  is a clear crime against humanity, and more than that, state media continues to mislead citizens and hide the fact on the security situation in the state in general and in particular Kadugli city.
SPLM-N appealed and will continue their appeal to the citizens to stay away from military camps and defenses of the NCP forces and militias, SPLA-N forces are careful of the citizen’s safety and seek to protect and defend them, the international community has to put pressure on Bashir’s government not to use citizens as human shields and not keep them in front lines.

Arnu Ngutulu Lodi
Official SPLM-N Spokesman

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