Dr:hamid Eltgani Ali-AUC-Egypt-the conflict betwen the two sudans

لقاء مع المحلل السياسي البوفسر حامد التجاني علي يتحدث عن النزاع بين السودان وجنوب السودان والمشاكل في دارفور وجبال النوبه. تحليل موضوعي وشيق وطرح عقلاني جدير بالاستماع

Dr:hamid Eltgani Ali-Ali, a professor of public policy in the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, Professor at the American University of Cairo,He is also a senior economist at management Optimetrics and adjunct faculty at Department of Economics at Southern Methodist University. His teaching and research interests are in the areas of military spending, fiscal policy, inequality and economics development. Also he is working with parties in Darfur conflict to end the human suffering, democratic transition and reconstruction, He holds a Ph.D. in public policy from the LBJ School of Public Affair at the University of Texas at Austin, a master’s in economics from University of Texas at Austin. Previously, Ali taught at Texas State University and worked at Texas Workforce Commission and the Center for Transportation Research.

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