Antonov attacks

Office of official spokesman

Date; 16/9/2012

7 years old boy killed by Antonov bomb in Nuba Mountains

National Congress Party Air Force carried out air strikes by Antonov plane on several villages in  South Kordofan / Nuba Mountains state on 13-15/9/2012, which led to loss of lives  and distruction of citizens properties including livestock and Agri. farms
 On 13/09/2012 several bombs dropped, killing the child Farah Ahmed Tutu 7 years old in Werne village Talodi county and In Kao village of Aboujbahh county killed 10 head of sheep in Nyaro Village led to destruction of crops, also other air raids carried out on 15/09/2012 in Mandi, Angarto and Timbera villages in Heiban county, will announce the details later.
 the terrorist regime of  Omar al-Bashir continue to target civilians and especially the destruction and damage a few agricultural farms regularly as a strategy to use food as a weapon against citizens with rejection of humanitarian aid in the other hand, in an effort to hanger them and starve and forced to run to their areas of control, this is another means of human rights violations by the Khartoum regime under pretext of national sovereignty and that the international community must pay attention to it and take practical steps to help those their displacement and suffering caused by the government of Omar al-Bashir itself.


Arnu Ngutulu Lodi

SPLM-N official spokesman

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