Victory of JEM/SRF against SAF in South Kordofan

The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

 Victory of JEM/SRF against SAF in South Kordofan

A military statement

 Sept 10th: Forces of JEM/SRF scored a major victory against SAF army and allied militias, South Kordofan, Thursday, September 7th 12.  The engagement took place at Kilo 50, between Aldabaib and Maglad. 

 JEM/SRF forces seized 11 military vehicles and destroyed 17 in the confrontation.

 This great victory came two days after SPLM-N/ SRF defeat of Khartoum forces in Daluka and Daldalo, close to Kadugli city, South Kordofan.

 Long lives our struggle for justice and equality


General / Badawi Mosa Al-Sakin

The military spokesman for JEM, the liberated territories


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