Yassir Arman : Khartoum is buying time trying to politicize the

Khartoum is buying time trying to politicize the humanitarian track.  Food for political gains.  In the last two days, since the humanitarian track started, the Khartoum delegation refused to sit with the SPLM-N humanitarian delegation to discuss the implementation of the tripartite proposal as well as refusing a separate agreement between the United Nations, African Union and Arab League and the two parties separately.   Again, they are openly talking that humanitarian assistance should be subject to political agreement, which in essence they are bringing to the table the policy of mass starvation as a political weapon and for political gains.  In other words, they deny access of humanitarian assistance to civil populations for one year to achieve political gains and in open disregard to international law.  Denying access is a war crime.  Allowing Khartoum to smuggle the implementation of the tripartite proposal into political agenda seriously undermines the AU resolution and the UNSC Resolution 2046 and it is sentencing civil populations to death.  We appeal to all those who felt the pain and suffering of the people of the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile to stand up in the face of Khartoum.
Yassir Arman
Secretary General, SPLM-N
July 26, 2012

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