Liberation of Futaha, South Kordofan

The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

Liberation of Futaha, South Kordofan
An SRF (JEM, SLM-Unity) Military Statement

The gallant forces of JEM and SLM-Unity of the SRF stormed the SAF Garrison of Futaha, South Kordofan, yesterday July 25th, 12. This victory comes only 3 days following SRF successful action, July 23rd, in the same State.  

The demoralized SAF army put little resistance and fled the battlefield in utter disarray.

Our forced gained 17 Land Cruisers, 2 military transport trucks in addition to the entire ammunition store of the enemy.

Long live our struggle for justice and equality

General / Badawi Mosa Al-Sakin
The military spokesman for JEM, South Kordofan – the liberated territories

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