Omer al-Bashir: Take a Look over Your Shoulder

Omer al-Bashir: Take a Look over Your Shoulder.
By Mahmoud A. Suleiman
The head of Sudan’s National Congress Party (NCP) flock, Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir the International Criminal Court (ICC) indicted fugitive needs to realize that the spring revolution of Sudan has begun to change his regime and oust him finally and forever. The young men and women who are spearheading the uprising are the true nationals of Sudan who effectively demanding their defined legitimate rights of freedom and a decent life. They are neither ‘depraved nor narrow minded’ as he indicated in his irresponsible contemptuous speech. This foulmouthed brutal beast is no stranger to controversy, vulgarity of speech and slander. Not long ago he shamelessly labeled the people of the Republic of South Sudan as ‘insects’. This problem arises from the fact that al-Bashir is ignorant because he never reads or writes; his only means of communication is to resort to his private collection of words of insult in his wordbook! He does not seem to reflect to what happened to the ilk of tyrants: Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Ali Abdalla Salih of Yemen and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. Clearly, this moron fails to take lessons from what has happened to dictators like him in the Arabic and African regions during the past few months. The people of Sudan have said enough is enough and got rid of complacency, broken the barrier of fear through self-sacrifice for freedom that can only be achieved by change of the corrupt NCP regime. The Sudanese people are yearning to achieve their dream of restoration of democracy, fundamental freedoms, dignity, stability and sustainable peace for their beleaguered and stricken country.
The worsening situation in the country under the NCP regime rule has enabled the Sudanese public to break up the fear curtain, rejecting to surrender to the fait accompli and proceed to remove the fortresses of tyranny, corruption and racism which have been practiced by the genocidal government led by the fugitive criminal, Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir. The people of Sudan had  the lead in making the so-called ‘Arab Spring revolutions’ through their Glorious October Revolution in 1964 and the Popular April uprising in 1985 toppling two military junta regimes of Lieutenant-General Ibrahim Abboud (1958-1964) and Field Marshal Jaafar Nimeiri (1969-1985) respectively.
At this historical juncture the Sudanese people from all walks of life are required to unite all their forces.  The forces should include the opposition, whether take up arms or those which do not carry weapons to speak with one voice so as not to subject the popular revolution to abortion by the associates of the notorious National Congress Party and to avoid effort and sacrifice of the People goes in vain. The Hour of salvation from this tyrant and getting rid of it has come; Let all of us come together- all the components of Sudanese society which formed of women and youth, students and political forces and armed movements, rally around one objective which is to get out in the street against corruption, oppression and injustice with the view to oust the NCP regime.
The misconception of who to govern Sudan is not the matter that concerns us at this stage; instead, how the country to be governed is the question that needs to be addressed. The Sudanese public expects from the upcoming government are justice, equality, rule of law, freedom and prosperity for all citizenship as the only parameter for identity of every one of its members regardless of ethnicity, colour, gender, religion, language, regional affiliation or any other factor.
The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) as a founding member of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) has considered toppling the NCP regime as its top priority at this stage which will be followed by the establishment of a state of citizenship, equality, justice in which prevail the rule of law, democracy, freedom and true federalism. This priority stems from the fact that the NCP regime represents a threat to the survival and the security of Sudan: a threat to the national entity in terms of the unity of its territory and its people and is a threat to its economy and its natural resources and a threat to their land and geographical boundaries and a threat to its people and risk of destruction of its structure.
Our country is rich in resources, it is a shame that its people starves for no reason other than abject failure  of the State to better manage these resources and  improve the lives of the people but instead exploited subverted mostly to go to  the  bloated stomachs of the fat cats and  those subservient of the ruling regime.
We strongly condemn  and deplore the excessive and unwarranted violence used by the repressive hardcore security apparatus elements to handle the unarmed peaceful demonstrators and protesters in the capital Khartoum and other states and cities of the country  against the austerity measures that have led to deteriorating living conditions, economic downfall, rampant corruption among the associates of the National Congress Party who have failing to find a solution to the crises of the country as a  result of accumulated failed policies.
The Sudanese people appeal to all international and regional bodies and human rights organizations to intervene immediately and stand against the policies of human rights violations practiced by the Khartoum regime and work towards release of all prisoners of conscience, political detainees, journalists, men and women who have been incarcerated in prisons cells of the security apparatus in Sudan.
Omer al-Bashir needs to look over his shoulder to recognise what his tubed-vision fails to visualize, say the political analysts. Political observers say that Omer al-Bashir seems to have become akin to the famous Information Minister of late Saddam Hussein Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf who was known for his daily press briefings in Baghdad and complacently continued giving fiery speeches while unaware of what was happening around him until he fell in captivity of the US led forces. Would that give him an opportunity to reflect and depart? It’s doubted!
Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is the Deputy Chairman of the General Congress for Justice and Equality Movement (JEM). He can be reached at

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