Statement of Civil Society Alliance for Darfur free

Statement of Civil Society Alliance for Darfur free
Statement No. (6)
Date 29/4/2012

Mr. / Chairman of the United States of America
Mr. / Chairman of the Security Council
Mr. / Secretary General of the United Nations

We have been in an alliance of civil society for Darfur free appeal, and follow with great attention and responsibility for the outcome of the conditions of displaced persons and refugees from the Darfur region in all parts of the world and in particular the Arab Republic of Egypt from the deterioration of the situation of refugees who have come to lack the most basic elements of a decent life with aggravation economic conditions and poor security with the continued attacks by the Sudanese government on the displaced camps in Darfur and Chad and to continue the system of war crimes and ethnic cleansing and genocide, burning villages and still attacks by the Janjaweed and militia Conference of none national ongoing in the killing and displacement of innocent people, the events of Kalma , Kabkabiya , Wadi Sally and  Jebel Marra was not long, and is still a war criminal Omar al-Bashir ordered the killing of innocent women and children all over the Sudan and surrounding them with hungry as the aircraft  the antenove still continue to throw bombs in a day and still fires and crimes continuing in Darfur and the world watching the massacres and not moving but stagnant, and still wanted as criminal at the International Criminal Court but he still walk freely and name people insects and worked to mobilize his supporters to kill innocent people and destroy them and restricting them to camps, asylum and migration, and work to hunt activists and the expulsion of humanitarian organizations working for them vulnerable to complete the overall scheme of genocide to the people of Darfur and the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile does not recognize all of its Arabism in Sudan is threatened with annihilation because of insects and cockroaches required destruction. Meaning anyone with black skin? He also had begun to target activists and actors from Darfur society and the threat of their lives in the countries of asylum and detained in the camps and the Diaspora and our belief in the increasing role of the international community and the Security Council, the United Nations, which works for justice for the victims and the oppressed all over the world, we in the Civil Society Alliance for Darfur free call for justice for the people of Darfur, the oppressed and oppressor, and an international campaign to save the refugees and displaced Darfurian people all over the world, knowing that they are losing to the extension of human rights including the right to live in freedom and dignity and in this sense call upon the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the UN Security Council to activate the Security Council resolutions regarding the Darfur issue and accelerate the arrest immediately on the war criminal Omar al-Bashir demands internationally and pursuit of international justice unfinished arrest him and to all war criminals and their trial, and work on half the victims of war and genocide We also call in light of global openness to the movement of people demanding freedom and democracy we demand the United Nations and the Security Council to expedite the report of the fate of the Darfur region and Osbag international protection for the protection of civilians at home and abroad who are victims of genocidal regime and be in the science of combining that this peace process will be followed by a sit- open to the embassies and the offices of the United Nations until the Security Council to consider the issuance of critical decisions in the case of Darfur, and we will continue to remind the leaders and decision makers in the world and people of conscience in particular the permanent members of the Security Council Pmasatna victims to call them the attention to our cause just and Our advocacy in international and regional forums calling for everyone to achieve our demands just do not forget to extend our thanks to all who helped the people of Darfur and try condolences in this ordeal.

Cairo 29/4/2012

Civil Society Alliance for Darfur free

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