Sixth Convention of the General Congress of JEM.

The Sudan Justice and Equality Movement (JEM)

Sixth Convention of the General Congress of JEM.

Held under the slogan: Together, we will accomplish the Martyr’s Project.
Duration: 24-25/01/2012

Location: Hideyat – South Kordofan, the Liberation Zone

Concluding Statement:
Convention was held with participation of 109 members of the General Congress of JEM.  Members represented various JEM constituencies including the field in Darfur, Kordofan and Eastern Sudan, in addition to the displaced, refugees, nomads, women, youth and students.

The conferees saluted all martyrs of the Movement and the Sudan, led by Martyr Field Marshal Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Mohammed, the wounded, detainees and prisoners, officers and noncommissioned officers and soldiers of the Movement, IDPs, refugees and nomads.  They further vowed to move forward and accomplish the grand project started by Martyr Ibrahim and noted their great appreciation of the sacrifices made by SPLA forces and leadership in the struggle for a new Sudan of dignity, honour and justice.

After a two-day deliberations, the convention reached the following:

1 – Election of Mr. Abu Bakr El Qadi as President the General Congress of JEM, Professor Mahmoud Suleiman  as Vice President of the General Congress, and Mr. Mutasim Mohammed Saleh as its Rapporteur.

2 – Election of Dr. Gibriel Ibrahim President of the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement, following nomination withdrawal of: i. Genral Mohame Al Bilail Ziad; ii. Engineer Suleiman Jamous and; iii. Lt General Ahmed Adam Bakheit Dukhri.

3 – Members for Legislative Council re-elected Dr. Tahir El Feki as President of the Legislative Council of JEM.

4 – Rank of General was conferred on the new President, Dr. Gibriel Ibrahim Mohamed.

5 – Delegates adopted all Presidential Decrees issued by the Previous President of the Movement, Field Marshal Martyr Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Muhammad.

6 – Amendments of the Statute were approved.

7 – A Revolutionary Council was established to operate in the current emergency situation and in accordance with the Statute of JEM.  The Council is composed of President of the General Congress and his deputies, Rapporteur  of the Legislative Council, President of JEM and members of the Executive Board of JEM.  The Council is headed by the General Congress of JEM.

8 – Membership of the General Congress of JEM was increased from 251 to 501 members.

9 – Membership of the Legislative Council was increased from 51 to 151.

10 – The conferees decided to increase the representation of women in all institutions of the Movement, the Executive,legislative and judicial branches, to 30% and activate the role of women in child welfare.

11 – December 23 was decreed to be the Martyrs’ annual day of honour.

12 – General Congress called on all to work hard to unite the forces of resistance, commit to the program of the Sudanese Revolutionary Front, coordinate with all other forces of resistance, and work with all political forces of the Sudanese opposition to overthrow the regime.

13 – The participants recommended the establishment of a democratic civil state for the rule of law and the realization of the principle of peaceful transfer of power peacefully through free and fair elections and the principle of citizenship as a basis for the rights and duties.

14 – The participants called for adherence to international norms and conventions, immediate ratification of the Rome Convention on the core of the International Criminal Court, fighting against impunity and apprehension of all those who have committed crimes against the Sudanese people.

15 – The participants called for the immediate repeal of all laws restricting freedoms in Sudan, halting of preventive detention and, safeguarding fundamental freedoms and human rights.

16 – The participants condemned the barbaric behavior of the Khartoum regime and its inhumane treatment of prisoners of war which are contrary to international laws and conventions.

17 – The Congress called on JEM to maintain good relations and policies with the peoples of neighboring countries and to develop amicable relations wit all countries of the region and the world at large.

18 – The participants called on the members to preserve the national aspect of Movement and continue political mobilization in all regions of Sudan.

19 – The Congress held the NCP responsible for opening the door for political assassinations, called for avenging assassination of Martyr Ibrahim and affirmed its march towards victory for the whole people of Sudan.

20 – The participants recommended the need to activate the role of youth and students and work for the protection of the IDPs, refugees, nomads and all disenfranchised sectors of society.

21 – General Congress urged all to maintain spirit of consultation and teamwork and enshrine that in all institutions, legislative, executive and judicial.

22 – JEM is to continue taking care of families of martyrs, prisoners and the sick and wounded and all sectors of the Movement.

23 – JEM is to boost its training and rehabilitation and increase efficiency and capabilities of members of the Movement and prepare them to continue to meet the challenges at hand and ahead.

24 – Due attention is to be given to the role of media and information in raising public consciousness and awareness.

Gabriel Adam Bilal

Secretary for Information and Spokesman of JEM.

25/01/2012 in m

The liberated territory.

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