The Darfur Community Association of Australia will be commemorating the life of Dr Khalil Ibrahim the leader of the Darfur Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) in a celebratory event in Dandenong, Melbourne on Saturday 28th of January 2012.
Dr Khalil Ibrahim was assassinated by Sudanese government on 23rd December 2011 in North Kordofan Sudan whilst fighting with his forces in North Kordofan in Sudan.
He was regarded as an aspirational leader who fought alongside his comrades in Darfur.
In Darfur, in the western region of Sudan, a nine year humanitarian crisis continues on unabated. The height of the conflict started in 2003, when the non-Arab ethnic groups of Darfur launched an uprising against the Sudanese Government. The government responded with their campaign of genocide, enlisting the help of Arab militia in Darfur called the Janjaweed.
It has been reported that to date over 400,000 people have since died as a result of direct attacks and conflict related malnutrition and disease. The majority of victims have been women, children and civilian men. A further 350,000 people are deprived of humanitarian support due to the threat of attack faced by aid workers by government forces. Thousands starve each month due to the Sudanese government impeding humanitarian aid efforts. A further 4 million Darfur residents reported living in refugee camps are dependent on limited international humanitarian assistance.
Darfur Community Association of Australia representative Abdelhadi Matar said “Dr Khalid Ibrahim was one of the courageous freedom fighters in Darfur and his assassination will never put an end to the struggle for freedom and justice in Darfur”.
The memorial event will be used to commemorate the life of Dr Khalil Ibrahim, acknowledge his sacrifice and inspire others to continue his work. Foremost it is to send a message to the government in Sudan that the fight for their rights to live in peace will not end here.
Another Darfuri Melbournian resident Yahya Abdelkarim said “The Darfur cause is not about individuals and leaders it’s about rights and obligations. Darfur is almost off the radar in world news with minimal international assistance. Killing and suffering continue daily for the Darfur people. We have to raise our voice and ask the international community to please assist the people of Darfur”.
The memorial programme will have speakers from the both Australia and telecast of Darfur speakers from Sudan and London. All members of the public and supporters for peace in Darfur are invited to attend.

For more information please contact:
Darfur Community Association of Australia representatives

Yahya Abdelkarim                                      Abdelhadi Matar
Phone: 0401585080                                   Phone: 0423203320

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