Comment on Khalil’s Death

Comment on Khalil’s Death
According to news reports, Darfur Leader, Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) Dr. Khalil Ibrahim died as he and his forces were heading towards Khartoum.  Our leader was killed in an air strike – he died at 3 am on Friday by a missile attack launched from an unidentified jet fighter.  
We are the Darfurian Congress Council of Canada and we offer our condolences on the death of Dr. Khalil Ibrahim.  We miss our leader who was strong in fighting the Khartoum Regime.  All Sudanese suffer a loss with his death.  He did a lot of good for the Sudanese people.
While Bashir and his regime are celebrating Khalil’s death, he shouldn’t forget that the JEM movement is still strong and Khalil’s people will be reaching Khartoum soon with the Congress National Movement.
SPLM-North in alliance with three main movements in Darfur are becoming a national movement to fight continuously to change the Bashir regime!
We will continue to investigate who killed our leader.  And those involved in his death will be held accountable through international law.
As the Darfurian Congress Council of Canada we work nationally and internationally to raise awareness of the Darfur situation and Sudan as well.  
Abd Alla Bakhit
DCC of Canada
tel: 403-569-1503

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