Bombs in Darfur may contain toxicants

Darfur: Bombs in Darfur may contain toxicants
Toxicants used in government air strikes in Darfur, claims JEM

The Justice and Equality Movement reports that aerial bombardments continue on a daily basis in Darfur. JEM accuses the Sudanese Air Force (SAF) of using toxic substances during the raids. Abubakar Hamid Nour Amin, secretary of management and administration of JEM, said in an interview with Radio Dabanga, that the SAF missiles produce enourmous holes, which are ten meters deep and two meters wide.

Near the bomb craters, white powder has been detected, and JEM secretary Abubakar explained, that this powder seems to contain toxicants, causing skin rashes. Abubakar, further, noted that seasonal rains have filled these toxic bomb craters with water, serving as drinking wells for cattle. He asserted, that a huge number of animals have died from drinking poisonous water.

Abubakar demands an impartial international investigation, to establish the content of the white powder, and he expressed JEM’s willingness to fully cooperate with such an initiative.

Army attacks in North Darfur kill five civilians

The Sudan Liberation Movement-Minni Minawi (SLM-MM) states, that the government of North Darfur is holding a military campaign in large areas of North Darfur. The SLM-MM reported attacks in five villages, namely Gazangedi, Muhajariya, Umla Wye, Wehijara and Zaghawa Lmo. The attacks have lasted a full week, and are still continuing. The SLM-MM said in a statement, that the government has been conducting a military campaign against civilians, and their property in their villages.

According to the SLM-MM statement, government assaults had killed five civilians, and had wounded others. There were also people missing, and some were arrested. The names of the five people that were killed are: Abeher Mersal, Nuradam Goma, Sheikh Abu Hamara from Menouashi and two herders, Salim Senin and Abakr Ibrahim Fadl.

An Antonov government aircraft bombed the Tibra area, according to the SLM-MM statement, but an inventory of losses of life and property has yet to be established. The SLM-MM condemned this “continued targeting of civilians in Darfur by the Government of the National Congress, through its army and militia’s, specialized in the extermination of civilians”

A witness on the ground confirmed to Radio Dabanga, that these attacks occurred, and told, that the military campaign by the government is ongoing. This witness told, that the army came with around 40 Landcruisers and three tanks, which can hold 150 to 200 troops.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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