Khartoum Loses A Battle and Helicopter in North Darfur

Khartoum Loses A Battle and Helicopter in North Darfur
A Military Statement

24th May 11: Khartoum yet again lost a majar battle between Muzbat and Dounky Hoash in Kutum Locality in North Darfur.  The battle, which took place Monday 23rd May 2011 involved a mobile GoS force code-named Operation Clear Way consisting of 145 vehicles, six tanks and backed with air power.
A joint army of JEM, SLMMinnawi, SLMNur-, SLMKarbino and SLMUnity, otherwise known as the Alliance of Resistance Forces intercepted the force.

As usual, GoS army did not last long.  They deserted the battlefield sustaining over 50 fatalities with many more injured.  A Helicopter, five armoured pickups and seven transport trucks belonging to Khartoum were destroyed in the battle.

Remnants of GoS army fled into Muzbat and are now besieged by our troops.  Ever since, the entire area has been subjected to the usual indiscriminate aerial bombardment targeting innocent civilians and destroying water centres.

Long live our struggle for Justice and Freedom

General Ali Alwafi
Military Spokesperson For JEM
For: Alliance of Resistance Forces

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