Communiqué of the 16th Extra-Ordinary Summit of IGAD Assembly of Heads of States and Government on the Sudan

Communiqué of the 16th Extra-Ordinary Summit of IGAD Assembly of Heads
of States
Communiqué        of the 16th Extra-Ordinary Summit of IGAD Assembly of Heads of   States and Government on the Sudan
Addis        Ababa, 23 Nov, 2010
The        IGAD Assembly of Heads of States and Government held its 16th
Extra-Ordinary summit in Addis Ababa, on 23rd Nov. 2010, under        the
Chairmanship of H.E Meles Zenawi, the Prime minister of the Federal       
Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and Chairperson of IGAD to consider        the
progress on the Implementation of the CPA in the country. The Assembly       
also had on its Agenda an update of the situation in        Somalia.
The        Assembly was attended by leaders of the IGAD Countries among them are
H.E Mwai Kibaki, the President of Kenya, H.E Yuwere Musevini the       
President of Uganda, H.E Isamael Omer Guelleh, the President of the       
Republic of Djibouti , H.E Omer El-Bashir the President of the        Republic
of Sudan, H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit the First Vice President        of the
Republic of Sudan and President of the Government of southern        Sudan.
Besides the presence of H.E Thabu Mbeki the Chairperson on the AU        High
level Implementation Panel (AUHIP), Sir Derek Plumbly the Chair        person of
Assessment and Evaluation Commission (AEC) and        others.
The        Assembly was addressed by H.E Prime minister of Ethiopia Meles
Zinawi, and        H.E President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki. The Assembly was also
briefed on the        implementation of the CPA by the leaders of the two
parties H.E Omer        El-Bashir of NCP and H.E Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit of
SPLM. In addition to        that some observations made to the summit on the CPA
Implementation by the        Deputy Chairperson on of the AU Commission Mr.
Erastus Mwencha, H.E Thabu        Mbeki and Derek Plumbly.
After        extensive deliberations on the progress of the CPA Implementation
in the        country, the Assembly issued the following        Communiqué:
1-    Takes        note that the summit comes at a critical juncture in the
history of Sudan,        just less than two months before the Referendum and a
few days after the        start of registration of voters for the Referendum .
This represents a        significant milestone in the CPA implementation.
2-    Reiterates        commitment of IGAD to support the Sudan during the post
Referendum period        for the sake of peace, stability and democracy,
irrespective of whether        the people of southern Sudan choose unity or

3-    Commends        the efforts of AUHIP in facilitating the parties agreement
on the        implementation of outstanding issues in the CPA and post
referendum        arrangements. The Summit was particularly encouraged by the
parties’        commitment in achieving in the event of the secession of
southern Sudan,        two viable States, living as peaceful and cooperative
neighbors that        maintain common security as well as a “soft border”
between the North and        South that forges cooperation without disruption to
the livelihood of the        people.
4-    Welcomes        the decition of the parties to resolve the outstanding
issues in        particular Abyei and called upon the parties to approach the
next round of        negotiations with a spirit of compromise cognizant of the
need to        guarantee the rights and livelihood of the affected       
5-    Welcomes        commitment of the parties to timely and credible conduct
of free and fair        Referendum and the respect for its outcome; and notes in
particular the        commitment by the parties to never return to war but
instead to seek        peaceful resolution of issues that may divide them.  \
6-    Underlines        the progress made towards reaching a Framework
Agreement, but at the same        time expresses concern over pending issues
that continue to threaten the        full implementation of the CPA and URGES
the parties to expeditiously        resolve the remaining differences on the
issues of border demarcation, the        Abyei Referendum and Post Referendum
7-    Recognizes        the steps undertaken to finalize the popular
consultaions in Blue Nile and        south Kordufan states and URGES the parties
to agree on a practical        timeline for completion of the exercise before
the end of the CPA Interim        period.
8-    Requests        the AUHIP to keep IGAD update through its Chairperson on
the progress of        negotiations including the ongoing discussions between
the two        parties.
9-    Mandates        the Chairperson of IGAD Assembly to present IGAD position
to the AU Peace        and Sec urity Council (AU- PSC) at its forthcoming
session due to be held        in Tripoli, Libya and requests the summit to take
due note of its        recommendations

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