Obama tells Sudan to improve security in Darfur and rebels to join peace talks

Obama tells Sudan to improve security in Darfur and rebels to join peace talks

September 24, 2010 (NEW YORK) — Barak Obama, President of United States today said Sudan has to improve security and stop violence in Darfur. He also said “no time and no tolerance” for the rebel groups who refuse to join the peace process.

Sudanese refugee children press up against a fence in Djabal refugee camp near Goz Beida southern Chad on March 15, 2009. (Getty)Obama made this remarks at High-Level Meeting on Sudan held on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on Friday evening where the participants dedicated most of their speeches to the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

“The government of Sudan has recently pledged to improve security and living conditions in Darfur — and it must do so. It need not wait for a final peace agreement, he stressed.

US president further said the government also has to end violence and create the necessary conditions, access and security, to allow aid workers and the AU-UN peacekeeping to reach the needy and make development possible in the devastated region.

UN agencies estimate that over 300,000 people were killed in the conflict. The International Criminal Court (ICC) indicted a Sudanese minister and a militia leader of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The war crimes court also issued an arrest warrant against President Al-Bashir who is further charged with genocide.

Dealing with the issue of accountability, Obama pointed out that “there can be no lasting peace in Darfur — and no normalization of relations between Sudan and the United States — without accountability for crimes that have been committed”.

He further added accountability is essential not only for Sudan but also it should be a strong message that “genocide is not acceptable” in the world.


The Joint Chief Mediator for peace process in Darfur Djibril Bassole and the host country, Qatar, announced this week the resumption of the peace negotiations on 29 September. The talks are taking place in Doha with the participation of the Sudanese government and one rebel group: Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM).

However the other two main rebel groups are not there for different reasons. The Sudan liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahid Al-Nur refuses to hold talks with the government unless militias are disarmed and displaced civilians regain their homeland. While the Justice and Equality Movement signed a framework agreement with Khartoum in February but froze its participation to protest attacks by the Sudanese army on its troops despite the signing of a cessation of hostilities deal in Doha.

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon commended the government and LJM for taking part in the peace process. He further called on the other rebel groups to join the talks stressing that “Peace must be both comprehensive and inclusive. Those who truly want it must join the give-and-take at the negotiating table”.

President Obama in his speech said a negotiated and lasting peace agreement is possible in Darfur. He also urged the international community to send a strong signal to rebel groups refusing to engage talks with the Sudanese government.

“And now is the moment for all nations to send a strong signal that there will be no time and no tolerance for spoilers who refuse to engage in peace talks.”

His call has been followed by the British and South Africa foreign ministers as well as the Russian special envoy to Sudan. All urged the rebel groups to join the peace process to put an end to the seven years conflict in Darfur.

The Emir of Qatar in his speech highlighted the role played by the Joint Chief Mediator and his country to broker a peaceful end to the conflict. He also called on the rebels to join the process.

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani further emphasized that Qatar will continue its support to the ongoing efforts to settle Darfur conflict and back recovery and development projects in the region.


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Obama tells Sudan to improve security in Darfur and rebels to join peace talks
 25 September 07:36, by telfajbago
The rebel leaders who refused to join peace talks for the sake of talks or better said “talks with intentional efforts to liquidate the cause of Darfur in order to meet the interest of certain powers ,while the genocide is going on “.The rebels who president Obama shamefully called “peace spoilers” have the legitimate demands of their people, and they are ready to face any consequences, coming from any power on earth dare to force them sign shoddy deal to meet the interest of any greedy circles, they have nothing left to lose and nothing left to live for . With due respect to the efforts exerted by the ex-US Administration of Bush to make the CPA a reality; but I believe that, consolidating the gains of the CPA should not be at the expense of the Darfurian people. Furthermore, I vividly remember when President Barak Obama ,before he came to power, wrote to President Bush one day advising him to reduce the suffering in Darfur” When the history of this tragedy is written, nobody will remember how many times officials visited the region or how much humanitarian aid was delivered, they will only remember the death toll”. My question to president Obama, who used the cause of Darfur to secure the votes of many African American during his presidential campaign, what did he personally did when he came to power to reduce the death toll in Darfur ,before calling rebels “peace spoilers” and which peace did he mean?.The current peace of genocide the regime is launching in Darfur or the doomed DPA of former US president Bush? It’s essential to mention here that, when on second of May, 2006 the former U.S Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick assisted by Hillary Benn from the UK; flew to Abuja and only after three days the DPA was signed. On 8TH of May 2006 President Bush praised the agreement saying that the agreement signed is a hope for the people of Darfur and a chance to begin a new life.
Regrettably, the President Bush’s diplomatic victory and the new beginning turned to be the most catastrophic to the people of Darfur when Minni Minawi and the Government of Sudan joined hands after the signing of Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) to target innocent civilians in an attempt to subjugate them to accept the agreement. To day, judging from Obama statements it looks that, he is for the notion that, the Doha talk’s hold-outs must sign any peace deal before the referendum, even if the deal will liquidate their just cause, heaven forbid.

Obama tells Sudan to improve security in Darfur and rebels to join peace talks
 25 September 07:52, by DASODIKO
Thanks President Obama for the courageous message which we hope to be translated on the ground. You mentioned very important steps toward genuine peace in Darfur and Sudan as well; which begins with security on the ground that would not be achieved only by disarming of the notorous governemnt Janjaweeds who now occupies the land of the displaced persons, smooth access for humaniterian AID workers and free movement for the AU/UN peacekeepers in Darfur to protect and the accountability to bring those responsible for atrocities in Darfur to justice, that includes the President Bashir himslef.

Dear Presidnet Obama, Darfur rebels asked for such steps to be adhered by the governemnt of Sudan to bring peace in the country. However; I don’t know if your have the idea that Bashir in a rally in Sudan last year refused the same steps given by Sudan Liberation Movment led by Abdul Wahid Mohamed Nur.However; Bashir provoked and said; “If we do all these steps; why should we go to negociate with the rebels. Its better to give over power for them”.

Now the question would be:will the governemnt of Sudan be able to achieve all these steps in such a very short time? Yetsrady day the governemnt of Sudan moved 40 military tanks from the boarders of Chad towards Darfur, and the bombing of North Jebal Marra continues up to now. Also according to the latest news UNICEF medical team was stopped on their way to Jebal Marra and the contents of the trucks given to Janjaweed. My friend Obama Governemnt of Sudan is implementing its new strategy of peace by force, in Darfur which is disapproved by respective Vice President and President of the Governemnt of South Sudan Salva Kiir who describe it as an old plan of NCP to continue the genocide in Darfur.

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