Arab Coalition for Darfur” Arab Parliamentarians for Darfur “”Final Communiqué

In a lively atmosphere, The Arab Coalition for Darfur concluded the Workshop of Arab parliamentarians and the Darfur crisis, held on April 15, 16 on Oum Koulthum Hotel in Cairo . Representatives of the parliaments of Jordan , Mauritania , Sudan , Yemen , Egypt and Morocco took part in the Workshop. In addition to the participation of a large number of experts, concerned people and media as well as the International Organizations and the Arab League. During the two days workshop, the participants tackled many issues topped by the role of Arab parliaments and parliamentarians towards the issue of Darfur and the means to push the governments of their countries to adopt an effective approach so as to halt the grave violations and the sharp deterioration in Darfur district. Meantime, the Workshop aimed at supporting the horizon of the political solution. On the other hand, the participants explored experiences of the African and European parliaments in deal with the crisis of Darfur . They also held a comparison between the different stances of the Arab and African parliaments in respect of the crisis.

Moreover, the participants underscored the allegations surrounding the silence of Arab parliaments on this humanitarian disaster. Besides, the discussions touched on the approaches of Arab parliamentarians in the context of International Criminal Court’s decision concerning Al- Bashir.

At the closing session, the participants developed a joint plan between the Arab Coalition for Darfur and Arab Parliamentarians and as a result, they announced the establishment of “Committee of Arab Parliamentarians for Darfur “. This Committee, will expected to support and mobilize the efforts of National Parliaments to further work on ending the Darfur crisis and to halt the violence and the armed attacks on civilians as well as to protect them. Furthermore, The Committee will work on urging the Sudanese Government to backtrack on the decision of expelling the International Relief Organizations and to provide, for these Organizations, the appropriate environment to enable them to work within the camps. In addition, The Committee will call on the Sudanese Government to lift its hands of the local organizations and to provide a democratic environment for these organizations to enable them to work efficiently.

Furthermore, the presents agreed on the role of “The Committee of Arab Parliamentarians for Darfur” in backing up all efforts that contribute to the development of Darfur and bring peace, justice and democracy.

Meanwhile, the participants headed the joint plan between the coalition and the Arab parliamentarians to adopt a number of measures that help to stop the military operations and to start the negotiations between all factions. And also to achieve a comprehensive peace in Darfur, including the peace agreement between Sudan and Chad as well as to support the initiatives that would bridge the gap between the different armed movements.

The discussions came to call the Arab Civil Society Organizations to cooperate with the Arab parliamentarians in their country to implement the Arab joint action between civil society and the Arab parliaments. In addition to support the development process and to stop the grave violations of all civilians’ rights in Darfur .

The discussions ended by reading out recommendations which will serve both The Coalition and The committee of Arab Parliamentarians for Darfur, namely:

1 – stopping the armed attacks against civilians and to provide special protection for children and women in accordance with the International Agreements in this regard.
2 – Working on the immediate return of International Relief Organizations and ensure freedom of action of the Sudanese organizations in Sudan .
3 – The necessity of joint work between the Arab Civil Society Organizations and Arab Parliaments to urge the Arab Governments to exert pressure on the Sudanese Factions to reach a political solution.
4 – Urging the Arab countries, including Governments, Parliaments and civil society to exert pressure on all factions in order to reach a comprehensive peace agreement between the Sudanese government and the armed movements on one hand and the Government of Sudan and Chad on the other.
5 – Working on to achieve judicial and legal justice for war criminals.
6 – The voluntary return of migrants and refugees to their homes.
7 – Multilateral backing up for the UNAMID forces in order to enable them to accomplish their mission in protecting civilians.

On the consequence of that, The Arab Coalition for Darfur and Arab Parliamentarians for Darfur will develop the measures and carry out the implementation of this initiative.

Recommendations made by the Arab Parliamentarians

in a small meeting of representatives that participated in the workshop

1 – Setting up a committee of Arab Parliamentarians for Darfur and inviting them to visit Darfur district to discuss the latest developments and to find fact so as not to lose information.
2 – Calling for immediate action within the Arab parliaments and tackling the issue of Darfur in the various committees within National Parliaments.
3 – Number of Arab parliamentarians from the Arab League will directed to Darfur to discuss the issue of supporting civilians in Darfur .
In addition to invite parliamentarians from Morocco to work on expanding the information and public base on the crisis of Darfur .
4 – Inviting the Arab media with their various directions to uncover the truth about what is happening in Darfur and to clarify the facts to the Arab public opinion.
5 – Inviting the Arab Relief Organizations to assume their roles and responsibilities in Darfur .

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